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This assignment is a live competition set by Ege Carpets in conjunction with FX Magazine. Therefore we were concerned with defining our audience and it was important to view how a client may communicate with us. This unit provided a realistic experience of client communications. Through initial sessions, we analysed who the audience might be and what their primary concerns; Ege Carpets company do more than merely supply carpets. They supply customised solutions, which make a difference to their clients. Their primary market segments are the hotel industry, offices, the healthcare sector, institutions and the transportation sector. They consider the demands clients impose on areas such as design, wear resistance, environment, hygiene, safety and acoustics. The days where the competitive battle for clients was fought on the traditional competitive parameters of price, quality and service are long gone. However, today parameters of equally high importance are the ability to create shape and a unique experience. The ability to differentiate oneself. Additionally, architect and interior designer who work with Ege Carpets emphasised on carpet solutions with a message, as well as an eye for the context.

I considered these aspects with Japanese nature theme because I chosen hotel or airport lounge area carpet and I wanted to convey a message of relax, tranquilisation, and refreshes by lounge carpet. I wanted people from busy day have calming experience with my carpet design while they have a rest in hotel or airport lounge. Because when we look nice art or design work, we feel a certain kind of emotional reaction.

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For my carpet design, I chosen mountain, tree, birds and cloud as initial elements. I started ink drawing for mountains to make tone of black and white Japanese calligraphy. And then I added tree images from my landscape photography and birds’ image by illustration. Second image from above is my initial drawing image which is able to convey Japanese Nature’s characteristic. I could use itself as carpet design image however I was not so happy about that so I wanted some experiment with colours and layout by mosaic cutting for carpet tiles forms.

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 15.46.37These are examples from my initial stage of design development. Stared with ink drawing then added trees and birds then cut as carpet tiles. Tutor asked to add some colours so I tried to add colours like that. Left image is by two different brush strokes and right image is by gradient tools in PS. I prefer blue and green brush stroke colour touching because I can control brushes with awareness of elements. In the contrast, right image has colours automatically by PS.

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 15.48.57.pngI wanted to experiment different tone and colour so I tried like this. Firstly I inverted my black and white ink drawing as white tone which is able to remind me snow days memories; luckily while we developed this carpet project, we could have snowy days for a while and it was unusual experience in UK and it inspired me to create these snowy landscape for my carpet project.  I used colour brushes to create Surreal tone in the sky. It reminds me Chagall’s colourful paints. Secondly I cut as cubes and then created abstract carpet tiles look.After adding colours to monochrome original image, I could feel vivid and surreal tone from my design. I hope that this snowy day memory with surreal tone makes my design unique from others which Ege carpet emphasis for their clients.

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Additionally, I cut like this. Each rectangle can be carpet tile as well. Red and white theme is from Japanese national flag colour theme. I want this design for a corridor in hotel. I have my childhood memory in Japan for 10 years and my deep appreciation for nature in my design through this course for 2year stems from this childhood memory in Japan.

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During we developed this carpet design, I visited Albert dock and I found this image from trees. It was a kind of moss. I took pictures of these mosses from a tree surface. When I found this moss image, I though it likes carpet texture.Then I applied colours, lines and brush strokes over the image of mosses. I chosen vivid blue and dark deep blue to add to this photography image because I thought yellow and blue match well and it gives me a certain kind of refresh feeling which I intended for my carpet concept for hotel or airport lounge.

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 15.16.00In technical viewpoint, I am happy with my outcomes from this assignment. Especially I didn’t intend colour in vivid and surreal tone however, I tried that as a part of experimentations and I like the tone of colour. If I had more time, I could try different carpet tiles cutting and laying different forms but I had to stop developing my design shortly because we had to start FMP.

I researched Japanese calligraphy drawing in nature theme and general nature theme images as well. I researched colour theme as well. These aspects inspired to my work directly.This assignment is a short unit and we had to finish in 3 weeks so I had to do some work during weekend. Mostly I could manage my work process as I intended however I felt I could be better if I had more time.

I like to add analogue value to my design because it enhances a depth of design. So I enjoyed ink drawing and then experimentations with colours, lines,textures,brush strokes and layout. Overall I am happy with my outcomes from this assignment and I hope this experience will enhance my FMP as well.



I started this carpet project by ink drawing. At the initial stage, I focused to just mountains.Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 15.28.50.png

Actually I wanted to draw trees as well but our tutor suggested to use photograph image to reduce time so i used photography tree images and then i added illustration of birds.

Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 15.29.44.png

I didnt wanted to use this image as carpet design.

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 14.45.42.png

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 15.45.44.png

So, I tried to experment with colours and layout design.

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 14.50.22.png

This design is by blue and green colour brushes and mosic as cubes.

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 15.48.57.png

Inverted as white tone for creatation of snowy days memory. Also I added green and red surreal tone clouds as well. Firstly i cut as cubes and then i didnt really like it so i cut as natural hexagon and it reminds me cells in organs.


This is how i developed this hexagon tiles.


I wanted to create a typical Japanes tone so i used red and white colour as main colour tone which is appered in Japanese national flag.

Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 14.13.54.png

I cut as long rectangle. And I want this design for a corridor.

Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 15.28.32.png

I took pictures of tree moss from Albert dock. Its texture is like carpet texture and i like grey and yellow colour mixture as well.

I added lines, colous, texture and brush strokes digitally.







Research theme

Carpet design in Nature theme

These carpets example are by nature theme. I think we feel more comfortable and relax with natural form than geometric form especially when we try to rest after busy day.

This is my favourite design. I like colour theme because it makes me feel refresh. These design idea is from dragon fly wing’s microscopic view. How this designer adopt the wings structure to carpet design aesthetically is quite interesting to me. Random and fluid composition make audience feel free and relax.


This design motive is from plants. I appreciate how this designer simplify plant form like this. I also like two contrast colour scheme. Yellow and grey always match well. And yellow colour create a certain kind of relax atmosphere.


This design motive is mountains or waves. It has gradient and natural lines.Dark blue colour create calm atmosphere. Fluid lines and form give me comfortable and kind of home sick.


This carpet has shadows of tree on widow. It is showing a contrast of light and shadow.


This design motive is lake. I feel refresh and comfortable from this design. I like lines and colour scheme from this design.


Research plan

1.    What am I researching?

  • Audience : Ege carpet company / architecture & interior designer
  • Aesthetic research : Japanese Calligraphy / B&W watercolour in nature theme
  • Existing carpet designs : Hotel or airport lounge


2.    What area/subject matter of am I researching?

  • Theme : Nature ( mountain/sky/cloud/birds/tree )
  • Colour inspirtation
  • Composition : effective layout for carpet
  • Pattern 


3.    What specifically will be looking at in this area? Or what will be analysing?

  • visual ,technical conceptual influence
  • texture/colours/composition & other elelments
  • technical & aesthetical analysis
  • attitude & feel